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HUGHES ECONOMICS analyses economic regions (cities, districts, countries) using the latest 106-sector models based on employment and population in the region. The most valuable activities within the region can be identified and the linkages to other activities explained for a full picture of total impacts for any activity or sector. Comparisons with adjacent regions can be made to evaluate any comparative advantages or disadvantages for the regional activity or sector in question. Event impacts within a region can also be derived from the 106-sector models to determine event cost/benefit calculations for sponsoring organisations.


Analysis showing the inputs required to complete a plant expansion, organise a regional event or similar project. Estimate the total impact of the activity or project on a given region.


Outline how an activity or project will complement a region in terms of its societal, environmental or other impact. Such analysis, including economic impacts, may be required for a court or similar presentation.


Summarise the total impacts from the activity or project enabling decision-makers to quickly appreciate the costs and benefits of the activity or project in question for a given region.

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